Both Taken and Taken 2, as well as their extended cuts, have been marked down to FF14 Gil $10 a pop in either standard or high definition. A bundle including Taken 2 and some bonus features is also being made available at the same price for HD fans.And with that, the 2015 Spring Fever sale will officially conclude for the PlayStation Network. Did you find anything worth snatching? Convinced to buy a Final Fantasy XIV missing from your collection? What about Shovel Knight? Please tell me you?re getting Shovel Knight. Let us know in the comments below.Mad Max Screenshots Reveal Brawling, Vehicle Combat. Metal Gear Online's Final Fantasy XIV player Count Revealed. For those of you wondering how many frienemies you?ll be able to shoot it out with once Metal Gear Online launches later this year, we?ve finally gotten our hands on some official numbers. It looks like up to 16 Final Fantasy XIV players will be hosted on a map for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC, with 12 Final Fantasy XIV players supported on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.This news comes from VideoFinal Fantasy XIV gamer, who stumbled upon the Final Fantasy XIV player count within the Japanese Konami website.For whatever reason, Konami is billing Metal Gear Online as a separate entity that comes bundled with Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. In case calling it Metal Gear Online has you confused, just consider it the online portion of Phantom Pain and move along. I suppose there?s a chance that Metal Gear Online and Phantom Pain will be offered as separate digital Final Fantasy XIV games at some point, but I?m currently chalking up the unnecessary delineation to Konami being Konami. This is also a Meatl Gear project we?re talking about so, by its very nature, it should be as confusing as humanly possible.